Enterprise Resource Planning

It is clear that a comprehensive information management system is essential to the smooth functioning of all companies in the aerospace industry today. At Hemmingford Aerospace Inc., we make it a priority to research and invest in new technologies in this field.

We use an Enterprise Resource Planning system which re-prioritizes our production schedule on a daily basis, taking into account all changes in our orders. Our new servers, acquired in 2011, ensure that we have the technical capacity to manage all the critical details needed to produce high quality parts on time. We achieve maximum efficiency using this system, because each available minute of work time is used to produce the right parts according to established priorities.

The reliability of this ERP system is one of our main priorities. All of our information is protected through the use of multiple back-ups on various hard drives.  In case of a power outage, electricity is immediately supplied to our information system by our main generator. Therefore our servers, both physical and virtual, are always primed to maximize our company’s productivity.