About Us:


Hemmingford Aerospace, Inc. was founded in 1985.  However, its origins date back to 1963, when Montreal businessman Jesse Turner (then president of Heroux Machine Parts in Longueuil, Quebec) acquired RC Machine. For the following 15 years, this small machine shop specialized in manufacturing fuel adapters for Pratt & Whitney Canada’s PT6 gas turbine engines. In 1978, Mr. Turner's son, Christopher J. Turner, took ownership of RC Machine, relocating operations to Glens Falls, NY. In 1985, he reopened the company in Hemmingford, Quebec, renaming it Aérospatiale Hemmingford / Hemmingford Aerospace, Inc.

The company grew over the years, machining and assembling bleed valves and other fuel, air and hydraulic system parts and accessories used in Pratt & Whitney Canada engines. After the untimely death of Christopher J. Turner in 1998, his wife, Diane Gabias-Turner, became the company’s president and sole owner. With limited experience in aerospace machining, she empowered key employees to take on greater leadership roles, which served to strengthen the company. Our collaborative approach to management remains a central part of our company culture today and is the cornerstone of our success.

Hemmingford Aerospace has evolved over the past several years, becoming an integrator of sub-assemblies in addition to manufacturing parts in accordance with client designs. The role of integrator combines the acquisition of raw materials and machined parts with manufacturing, assembly and verification of sub-assemblies ready for end use.

This transformation has created opportunities for growth. In 2010, we purchased and relocated to a 37,000-square foot building, thereby greatly increasing our production capacity. The building has since been completely renovated, and now serves as a state-of-the-art machining, assembly and testing facility. We are always prepared to apply our expertise, specialized equipment and dedicated teamwork to new challenges.


Our mission is to produce aircraft engine components and assemblies of exceptional quality, delivered to our clients on time. Our company motto is "Organized to Deliver!" We achieve excellence through the collaborative efforts of our talented, experienced and dedicated employees. Our leadership team is committed to continuous improvement, innovation and investment in our company’s future.

(L-R:) Operations Manager Jean-François Garand; Production Manager Christian Desrosiers; President Diane Gabias-Turner; Human Resources Director Dawn-Marie Turner; Vice-President Steven Gabias; Quality Manager Gilles Piché.